Welcome to What About Waco!

January 9, 2011 at 4:16 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been mulling over starting a new blog for weeks. I knew exacty what I want to write about, but could not for the life of me figure out how to categorize it, give it a purpose, or give it a name. Finally after many days in the thesauraus looking for synonymns for “random” and “miscellaneous” and “variety”, it dawned on me that all of my interests and hobbies, for the most part, take place in good ol’ Waco, Tx. So I decided this blog would be dedicated to the culture, creativity, family activities, shopping, dining, and wackiness that is THE Waco, Tx. I’m working on some ideas for weekly postings such as weekend trips to Waco, and my favorite places.

Overall, I want this to be a blog that will inspire you to get out there and see what Waco is all about. And if you can’t make it to Waco, maybe this will give you some ideas to try out in your own city or town. I’ve loved travel magazines like Texas Highways and Texas Monthly forever and many of the trips/excursions/adventures my family has experienced have been because of articles from their publications. So, like I said before, maybe this will do the same for you. See you soon!


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Saturday Shopping Trip

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