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Summertime in the H.O.T. {Heart of Texas}

It’s H-O-T in the H.O.T. , people. I mean HOTTTT! I can’t believe it’s been in the triple digits already. And when it’s this hot, it makes outside playtime kind of un-fun. However, with a toddler we have to schedule some outside time in to our day; we’ve just moved it to the morning. So that leaves the rest of the day. What in the world do we do? Well, here are a few ideas. Some are for those days when you’re enjoying time at home, and the rest are some things you can do around Waco. Our family is going through the alphabet with Hudson, so some of these ideas will go along with the letter we are learning for the day. (Here are some ideas for an ABC Adventure if you’re interested.) What are your plans? Leave a comment or suggestion for these dog days of summer, summer, summertime!

1. Make a marble racetrack.

2. Go to Pinwheel Kids and play on the slide.

3. Make glow balloons. (so cool!)

4. Take a trip (or several trips) to the Mayborne Museum.

5. Play “Break the Ice” and make ice paint. (again so cool!)

6. Visit a local fire station. A friend told me you can show up to any Waco fire station on Saturdays and get a free tour, stickers, sit in the trucks, wear the gear, etc. I think this is wonderful!

7. Make yogurt popsicles. I can’t wait to try this!

8. Visit one of Waco’s library locations. I saw that the Central Library will be closed for renovations, but they have a temorary location.

9. Read the books you checked out from the library!! Duh!

10. Take your dog to Dogtopia where you can use one of their self wash stations.

And there’s so much more! Get creative! This is a wonderful time to explore Waco and all it has to offer!


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Some News! {Play on words intended}

I thought this would be a good time to talk about our newest little addition, Miss Ruby Claire, AND brag on a fairly new shop in Waco-Pinwheel Kids. Sooo, Ruby Claire first! I took my maternity leave from school beginning May 9, fully expecting to go in to labor early. I don’t know why I thought this would happen, but I did, and low and behold she didn’t show up until her exact due date. My water broke at home around 8pm on May 15th, we waited for about an hour because I wasn’t quite sure if it had broken, and then decided we’d go ahead and go to the hospital with hopes they’d go ahead and induce. I never wanted to be induced, but those last few days are just miserable. So we headed to the hospital and sure enough water had broken and beautiful Ruby Claire arrived around 5:30am, weighing 8lbs 4 oz. She’s precious and doing really well, as is her big brother who really loves her (most of the time).

On to Pinwheel Kids! Talk about wonderful! I can’t stay outta there. I’ve gotten a placemat, stickers, cloth diapers, and these fabulous swaddles by Aiden and Anias that I’ve fallen in LOVE with.  On top of that, Rachel, the owner is incredibly helpful. She’s already gone through two impromptu cloth diaper tutorials with me right there in the store. Besides wonderful shopping Pinwheel Kids has classes for moms, craft days for kids, and baby registries. It’s for sure turned in to one of my favorite Waco places, and right on time since Miss Ruby is here!! Unfortunately they will be closing the first 2 weeks of July, but it’s good news….they’re expanding!!! So yes, go visit before they close! They’re on Valley Mills next to the old Paper Bear. Oh my gosh! I almost forgot….there’s an indoor treehouse/slide that your kids can play on while you shop. It’s almost the best part of the store. ; )

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A Great Day in Waco, Y’all!

O.k., o.k. let me get the apologies out of the way….I came up with this blog, and then low and behold I never blog! How much sense does that make? Well, if you work full time, have a two year old, are pregnant, and have a husband for a baseball coach, it makes perfect sense. I think about blogging all that time, does that count? Yeah, not so much huh? I will try to do better until I have our new baby girl, and then I’ll probably be on another hiatus. Something else taking up my time (and I’m thankful for it) is my writing for a wonderful publication called TexasLIVE. Issues are sold all around Texas in Barnes & Noble, HEB, etc. Look for the April-May issue and you’ll see my first 2 articles!!! (Arte en Austin and an intro to The Apron Chronicles)

On to Waco…Waco, to most, is not the kind of place you would think is missed after you’ve moved on to another city/state/country/whatever, but it’s true, people actually miss it when they’re gone. One of my dear friends moved to Houston after living in Waco for 5-6 years, and she misses Waco a great deal. Well, I decided to surprise her the Sunday my spring break started and kidnap her for a couple of wild and crazy days in Waco. O.k. so it wasn’t that wild and crazy, but it was definitely filled with Waco-ish delight! One of her requests was to eat at Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shop. There are 2 locations in Waco, one on 5th and one on Valley Mills. And it was delish! They are famous for their bread, and they didn’t disapoint. There’s nothing like a good turkey and swiss sandwich with melty, gooey cheese after you’ve spent a couple of hours shopping at Spice Village.

We moved on to Plotz’s used books after that and spent another hour camped out on the floor of the children’s section. We both have kiddos and both love buying books for them.   The selection is good and so are the prices. I picked up the 3rd Nancy Drew, 3 of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary and Dr. Suess’s Foot Book for a measly $8!! It was a great day in Waco, y’all!

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Saturday Shopping Trip

This weather is downright depressing right! I HAD to get out of the house today even if it meant fighting the disgusting drizzle. Thank goodness I already had a shopping trip planned to Spice Village and Amelia’s Fashion Exchange!

There’s no way I could tell you about all the shops in Spice Village, but I can tell you about the little treasure that happened to be the focus of my trip today……Yarnivore! Yarnivore sells yarn and knitting/crochet supplies. I knit so this is exciting for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Hobby Lobby and Michael’s as much as the next person, but to have an alternative that sells beautifully unique, high quality yarn is so, so nice. I’m making an infinity scarf for a friend and she found this gorgeous multi-colored wool that you just can’t find anywhere in Waco. If you happen to be thinking, “That’s great but I have no use for yarn in my life, but it would be cool to learn how to knit or crochet,” well aren’t you in luck! Yarnivore is also offering classes! If you swing by their booth, they have a nifty sign up sheet to receive regular e-mail announcements about classes and sales. Next stop….Amelia’s Fashion Exchange!

Amelia’s is a great little consignment shop located in Central Texas Marketplace. I stopped by to drop off some clothing to be consigned, and of course got side tracked by all the wonderfully priced clothing, shoes, and accessories. I’m 23 weeks pregnant so I didn’t pay much attention to the clothes, but they had some adorable shoes and jewelry I drooled over for a bit. Their scarf collection was overly exceptional today as well, but I refrained….for a little bit. I left with a pair of knit Fossil slippers. Precious, but shhhhh, don’t tell my husband. : )

Overall it was a breath of fresh air to get out of the house and meander about Waco….even if I had to endure the misty mess. Oh, and I hope this will be a fairly regular post. I can’t go shopping every Saturday (I wish) but if I have to sacrifice for the reader’s sake, well by golly, that’s what I’ll have to do. Stay warm! ~KP

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