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I heard someone say today that Waco’s landscape is not inspiring…..o.k. I can’t argue with that because unless you’re in specific parts of town, it just isn’t. One of those specific places that can make you forget where you are is definitely Baylor’s campus. Sunday evening after a Dairy Queen outing, we took our two year old to the riverside park behind Baylor Ballpark. It winds along the river and is a nice spot for walking, jogging, biking, or in Hudson’s (our toddler) case, burning off loads of energy. The sun was setting, the wind was whipping (a little too much), and we just enjoyed a little stroll together. It was nice, and dare I say inspiring! My husband informed me 1. he wants credit for this blog because I had no idea about this little Waco gem, and 2. the trail goes all the way to Cameron Park. Cameron Park is another one of those spots that can transport you out of the bleh Waco landscape, but I will save that for another post. Hope you have an inspiring week, regardless of the landscape. : )


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A Great Day in Waco, Y’all!

O.k., o.k. let me get the apologies out of the way….I came up with this blog, and then low and behold I never blog! How much sense does that make? Well, if you work full time, have a two year old, are pregnant, and have a husband for a baseball coach, it makes perfect sense. I think about blogging all that time, does that count? Yeah, not so much huh? I will try to do better until I have our new baby girl, and then I’ll probably be on another hiatus. Something else taking up my time (and I’m thankful for it) is my writing for a wonderful publication called TexasLIVE. Issues are sold all around Texas in Barnes & Noble, HEB, etc. Look for the April-May issue and you’ll see my first 2 articles!!! (Arte en Austin and an intro to The Apron Chronicles)

On to Waco…Waco, to most, is not the kind of place you would think is missed after you’ve moved on to another city/state/country/whatever, but it’s true, people actually miss it when they’re gone. One of my dear friends moved to Houston after living in Waco for 5-6 years, and she misses Waco a great deal. Well, I decided to surprise her the Sunday my spring break started and kidnap her for a couple of wild and crazy days in Waco. O.k. so it wasn’t that wild and crazy, but it was definitely filled with Waco-ish delight! One of her requests was to eat at Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shop. There are 2 locations in Waco, one on 5th and one on Valley Mills. And it was delish! They are famous for their bread, and they didn’t disapoint. There’s nothing like a good turkey and swiss sandwich with melty, gooey cheese after you’ve spent a couple of hours shopping at Spice Village.

We moved on to Plotz’s used books after that and spent another hour camped out on the floor of the children’s section. We both have kiddos and both love buying books for them.   The selection is good and so are the prices. I picked up the 3rd Nancy Drew, 3 of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary and Dr. Suess’s Foot Book for a measly $8!! It was a great day in Waco, y’all!

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Snow in the H.O.T. {Heart of Texas}

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This week has been typical of Texas weather. Just plain weird. It was spring-like over the weekend, and come Monday winter came back to town in the form of wind chills of below zero, ice, and today…SNOW! I work for a fantastic school that for the most part refuses to close, but today was the exception. I’m experiencing an actual snow day. This is always an exciting experience for Texans, so of course I have to share. If you’re in the same boat, I hope you’re enjoying your day at home. I’m exstatic to stay in sweats all day. Happy winter!

p.s. I know I’ve been behind. I’m actually working on some freelance writing for this great publication focused on “all things Texan”. I’ll share more details later. : )

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Saturday Shopping Trip

This weather is downright depressing right! I HAD to get out of the house today even if it meant fighting the disgusting drizzle. Thank goodness I already had a shopping trip planned to Spice Village and Amelia’s Fashion Exchange!

There’s no way I could tell you about all the shops in Spice Village, but I can tell you about the little treasure that happened to be the focus of my trip today……Yarnivore! Yarnivore sells yarn and knitting/crochet supplies. I knit so this is exciting for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Hobby Lobby and Michael’s as much as the next person, but to have an alternative that sells beautifully unique, high quality yarn is so, so nice. I’m making an infinity scarf for a friend and she found this gorgeous multi-colored wool that you just can’t find anywhere in Waco. If you happen to be thinking, “That’s great but I have no use for yarn in my life, but it would be cool to learn how to knit or crochet,” well aren’t you in luck! Yarnivore is also offering classes! If you swing by their booth, they have a nifty sign up sheet to receive regular e-mail announcements about classes and sales. Next stop….Amelia’s Fashion Exchange!

Amelia’s is a great little consignment shop located in Central Texas Marketplace. I stopped by to drop off some clothing to be consigned, and of course got side tracked by all the wonderfully priced clothing, shoes, and accessories. I’m 23 weeks pregnant so I didn’t pay much attention to the clothes, but they had some adorable shoes and jewelry I drooled over for a bit. Their scarf collection was overly exceptional today as well, but I refrained….for a little bit. I left with a pair of knit Fossil slippers. Precious, but shhhhh, don’t tell my husband. : )

Overall it was a breath of fresh air to get out of the house and meander about Waco….even if I had to endure the misty mess. Oh, and I hope this will be a fairly regular post. I can’t go shopping every Saturday (I wish) but if I have to sacrifice for the reader’s sake, well by golly, that’s what I’ll have to do. Stay warm! ~KP

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Welcome to What About Waco!

I’ve been mulling over starting a new blog for weeks. I knew exacty what I want to write about, but could not for the life of me figure out how to categorize it, give it a purpose, or give it a name. Finally after many days in the thesauraus looking for synonymns for “random” and “miscellaneous” and “variety”, it dawned on me that all of my interests and hobbies, for the most part, take place in good ol’ Waco, Tx. So I decided this blog would be dedicated to the culture, creativity, family activities, shopping, dining, and wackiness that is THE Waco, Tx. I’m working on some ideas for weekly postings such as weekend trips to Waco, and my favorite places.

Overall, I want this to be a blog that will inspire you to get out there and see what Waco is all about. And if you can’t make it to Waco, maybe this will give you some ideas to try out in your own city or town. I’ve loved travel magazines like Texas Highways and Texas Monthly forever and many of the trips/excursions/adventures my family has experienced have been because of articles from their publications. So, like I said before, maybe this will do the same for you. See you soon!

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